Embrace yourself, not skinny, medium or fat.


Regardless of body type, you really are what you eat; so discover and eat for your dosha to restore holistic health.Whether you are lean, medium or heavy built you eat a healthy diet with regular exercise routine.What worked for else not definitely will work for you. Give time to your body,listen to it, what kind of food , routines, exercise your body likes/understand.Don’t starve,you may do it for three weeks or four but after you will crave and your mouth will make out with all the junk ,metaphorically saying.You discover your own yoga steps, your own recipes,stretch routines. Its time to learn the unlearn.




A fridge can tell/reveal the insights of the lifestyle.Being born in a Punjabi family in India loyalty towards tasty food comes naturally. Tasty food means butter, cheese and aloo parantha, butter chicken, dal makhani, mayonnaise, pizza, burger,fries, all kind of processed food use to make my eyes rumble. To the consequence I was always complaining about my weight, fatigue and insecurities.

In the month of July

My fridge was roaring in the night. I had to take it to the technician. I was worried also as my friend was visiting me from France the next day, I didn’t want to feel embarrassed for not having a good and stuffed fridge.

The next day
To my utter surprise, he looked extremely healthy and fit (as I was meeting him after four years, I hardly had any idea how he looked now).

Again the fridge started roaring in the night.

When he asked me to” Switch Off The Fridge” I didn’t know it was to switch it off permanentlly, Uffffffff !!!

Having no fridge changed how I ate. I ate small portions of food. I started consuming food on daily basis. I went to shop for food on daily basis. I learned to better plan meals in advance and to prepare only the amount that could be consumed within a day.

Virtually everything we eat is available fresh on day- to -day basis.

In no time I got used to food and drinks that was not ice cold and stopped eating irradiated, packaged, frozen and processed food.

I realize it would not be easy for everyone to live without a refrigerator but switching off the fridge can lead to a more sustainable lifestyle from lowering the cost, avoiding unnecessary spending on processed food and a healthy body.

At least now I am not complaining about being overweight. Lolzzzzz
This experience really does make me wonder, what else I can learn to live without.

Eliminating what is unnecessary to a healthy lifestyle.

– If you adapt a healthy raw food diet most cooking is unnecessary.

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This summer tame your mane with Bb for curls, beach waves,straight, blow dry and thick hair.This summer don’t let your hair go noodle(oops noodle is banned).I use Bb defrizz, lets your hair breathe.For defrizz you can also get ingredients from the kitchen -coconut oil,vinegar and avocado.Don’t mix them together, use them separately.Chop your hair often, massage your scalp and keep hydrated.I also love Bb surf spray for perfect beach waves.

I am Unisex

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Why Flag me rainbows I am unisex.
Misfits barring the discrimination between sex.
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I’M mules

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I ‘M mules .SS 16 mules

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